FL Green Team

The Big Name in Air Conditioning

The FL GREEN TEAM is an employee owned company dedicated to making homes healthier, comfortable and energy efficient. Air conditioning consumes the majority of energy in a Southwest Florida home and is where you can maximize savings with a high efficiency system. Our highly trained staff of State Certified Energy Raters employs the “Whole House Approach” which examines and tests the air conditioners ductwork connected to your air conditioning equipment to make sure it is sealed properly. (Learn more about the “Whole House Approach”)

We are energy efficiency experts and offer a variety of services including pool heat pump installation, service and repair, pool automation systems, saltwater chlorine generators, solar energy systems, insulation and window tinting. In addition we do “Home Energy Audits”, new home energy calculations, State certified Home Energy Rating System (HERS), blower door and duct blaster ductwork testing. In addition to being a State Certified Air Conditioning Contractor and Energy Rater, we also are State Certified Solar & Pool Contractors.