AC Replacement

FL Green Team makes installing a new central air conditioner simple and easy.

If your system is 10 years or older and you are experiencing any of the following issues it is probably time to consider replacing your A/C system.

Needing frequent repairs to your air conditioner
Not cooling properly
System running constantly
Home is muggy and humidity is high
Excessive dust in your home
Hot and cold spots in your home
Increasingly high electric bills

The FL Green Team offers a variety of brands to fit every budget. We offer Trane, Rheem and Goodman air conditioning systems.

Installing a new central air conditioner system will:

Improve the air quality and comfort level in your home
Reduce humidity
Lower your electric bill by as much as 40%
Eliminate untimely A/C breakdowns
Provide a 10 year warranty on your new system
Provide peace of mind

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Estimates are given by our certified technicians and are not high pressure salespeople
No interest financing available to qualified homeowners
Manufacturer rebates available up to $1,200
Cut your cooling cost in half
Satisfaction Guaranteed

FL GREEN TEAM where HONESTY and INTEGRITY means something.

If you are a snowbird with a condo that sits empty all summer and your electric bill is $30 a month, we probably will steer you to one of our moderately priced air conditioning systems. On the other hand if you have a large home, live here full time and have unique issues like allergies or humidity issues, we have highly sophisticated systems to fit your particular needs.

AC Replacement Estimate

AC Replacement GuaranteeWe offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on Air Conditioning Replacement Services in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs and surrounding areas or we remove the air conditioning equipment and refund your money.  As a certified “Trane Comfort Specialists” we maintain the highest customer satisfaction rating of 99%.

Trane offers a wide variety of air conditioning systems to fit your needs and pocketbook. We offer everything from our “Value Line” to the state of the art “Tru Comfort Systems” that demonstrates why “It’s Hard to Stop a Trane” and is unrivaled in the industry for comfort, reliability and efficiency. All of our systems carry a full 10 year warranty.

AC Replacement - Trane - Hyperion Air Handler

Trane’s “Tru Comfort System” system once again sets it apart from its competition. The Hyperion Air handler features a composite cabinet that will never rust and the all aluminum air coil is substantially more durable than conventional copper coils and is not subject to “formicary corrosion” that is plaguing many air conditioning manufacturers in the hot humid climate of Southwest Florida.  Trane’s exclusive variable speed fan motor provides superior humidity control over single speed fans.  It comes on at reduced speed for approximately 10 minutes prior to ramping up to full speed.  As the air passes over the cooling coil at a slower speed, it removes more humidity than if is running full speed.

AC Replacement - Trane - Climatuff Condensor

The “Tru Comfort System” communicates with the major components and runs at the very lowest speed possible while evening out the temperature swings between on and off while lowering humidity and increasing air quality.  The “Climatuff” compressor is the most reliable ever built and the all-aluminum “Spine Fin Coil” eliminates galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals common in most air conditioners which reduces efficiency over time.  The “DuraTuff” composite base will never rust and all fasteners are zinc coated to resist corrosion and rust.  All of these features are especially important in Southwest Florida’s extremely humid climate.  With efficiency ratings as high a 20 SEER, the Trane air conditioning system is the logical choice for most full time residents.


AC Replacement - Rheem Systems

Rheem Air Conditioning Replacement Systems offer the best value of any air conditioning system on the market.  Rheem air conditioning systems offer efficiency ratings from 14 SEER to as high as 19.5.  Rheem air conditioning systems offer many features and benefits lacking in lower quality air conditioning units and, when you factor in rebates from FP&L and Rheem, they usually end up costing less.  Many of Rheem’s air conditioning systems while high in efficiency, have a relatively small footprint and are an ideal fit for many condominium applications where space is limited.



The “Whole House Approach”

The FL Green Team proudly offers two of the top rated air conditioning systems available – Trane and Rheem.  All air conditioning systems we offer carry a full ten year warranty.  Before we get into the specifics on the different types of systems, we would like to explain why the FL Green Team provides the “Best Value” to our customers.

AC Replacement - Noah Blanco Testing

The “Whole House Approach” to air conditioning recognizes the fact the duct work that delivers the cool air to your home is just as important as the air handler (inside unit) and condenser (outside unit) mechanical equipment.

Every air conditioning system we install is given the Florida State Certified Energy Raters test to ensure the duct work is sound and secure, identifying leaks or any other issues before they become larger problems.  We use the latest and best diagnostic equipment in Southwest Florida.  Our Director of Energy Conservation Noah Blanco maintains 23 certifications for home energy efficiency.  We can pinpoint where there is leakage and seal it up. Our motto is “If You Don’t Test You Are Just Guessing”.

Based on evidence collected by Florida’s utilities, a staggeringly high 75 percent of Florida’s existing homes have between 30 & 50% leakage from their air conditioning system’s ducts to the attic in their home.  This high percentage of leakage causes a homeowner’s air conditioner to run longer and harder to cool the house which results in higher electric bills and the occupants feeling less comfortable.  More than that, leaky ducts can contaminate your indoor air with mold, dust and toxins that pose a serious health hazard.

We Give You Options

AC Replacement Consulting Services

The FL Green Team will provide various options for your air conditioning replacement. We understand that purchasing a new air conditioning system can be a daunting task.  There are single stage systems, variable speed air handlers, systems with two compressors, communicating versus non-communicating, humidity control thermostats and so on.  We do a short survey to understand your particular situation and concerns and then provide various options to help you sort out what type of air conditioning system is best for you. If you are a winter resident and your monthly electric bills are under $50.00 it makes little sense to install a super high efficiency system that is most beneficial when you are up North.  On the other hand, if your electric bills are very high, you have humidity issues or your home has hot or cold spots, we have a variety of different air conditioning systems that can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Two factors regarding cost should be taken into consideration when choosing to move forward with air conditioning replacement.  First is the initial cost of the air conditioning replacement installation and second is how much it is going to cost monthly to cool your home.  If your air conditioner is 10 years or older installing a new high efficiency air conditioning system can cut your cooling cost 40% or more.  Eliminating excessive duct work leakage also contributes to substantial monthly savings.  Eventually the long term savings will outweigh the additional air conditioning replacement cost.

AC Replacement - Florida Building Code

The State of Florida Building Code requires high efficiency, minimum 14 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) air conditioning systems be installed when an air conditioning system is replaced.  These higher efficiency air condtioning systems typically are much larger than the air conditioning equipment that is being replaced.   Many of these air conditioning systems require more air flow than the existing duct work can provide.  Our skilled technicians analyze your existing duct work to make sure it is sized properly.  This is especially important with high efficiency variable speed fan motors.  With a conventional fan if there is an excess amount of static pressure, due to undersized duct work, the fan speed will just slow down. A variable speed fan motor will ramp up and run faster in order to provide the set air flow.  If the duct work is undersized the fan will pull hot humid air from the attic.  This can cause indoor air quality and humidity issues as well as increasing the cost to cool your home.

Properly Sizing Your Air Conditioner – Manual J Load Calculation

Our skilled air conditioning technicians generate what is known in the industry as Manual J Load calculation which is certified by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America.   If you have altered the size of your home or have done measures to make your home more efficient, the existing air conditioning system may not be sized properly.  Replacing windows, installing window tint or adding insulation can reduce the overall air conditioning load and in many cases your current air conditioner may be over-sized.  An air conditioning system is designed to do two things; cool your home and control humidity.  If an air conditioner is over-sized it will cool just fine but won’t run long enough to remove humidity which can lead to mold, mildew and other health related issues.  These calculations size an air conditioning system that is “right sized” for your home, capable of maintaining the desired temperatures and while controlling humidity.

AC Replacement Energy Graph

The above image was captured by a family in North Fort Myers on the daily energy usage screen of their LCEC account. The high usage was prior to the installation of their new A/C unit and the family says that the only spikes they see in their usage since the installation can be attributed to laundry days. The family is so excited about their savings that they are now also in the process of purchasing high efficiency appliances to take advantage of more decreases in their energy consumption and cost!


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