1507, 2017

Why Proper AC Installation Matters

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You can buy the best air conditioning unit or HVAC system on the market, but if it isn’t installed properly, you’re bound to run into trouble. Proper AC installation always matters if you want to ensure a smooth, quality experience, which is why it pays to make sure the job is done by certified professionals.
Poor […]

1506, 2017

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose FL Green Team for AC Repair

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Florida’s hot, making it an opportune market for air conditioning businesses. The year-around heat makes air conditioning a necessity. Our phones ring every day for maintenance, repair, and replacement needs. Sometimes the calls are from new customers who have been burned by other companies, and they want to know upfront why they should trust FL […]

1505, 2017

Is Your Air Conditioning Inviting Pests into Your Home?

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It isn’t often we associate our AC unit with cockroaches and other vermin, but if you’re having a pest control problem that you suspect is linked to your air conditioning, you may be right! While a well maintained and healthy HVAC system should have working safeguards against this problem, sometimes wear and tear can lead […]

1504, 2017

How to Clean Your AC Unit

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Whether spring is on the rise in your state or you live in the eternal summer of Southwest Florida, we all could benefit from a good Spring Cleaning. As you refresh your home from top to bottom, you probably check off a lengthy list of things to inspect, clean, dust, and makeover, but is your […]

1503, 2017

How Should I Set My Thermostat?

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In Florida, your air conditioning works overtime to keep your family comfortable. While there are various energy efficient models on the market, your utility bill can still run high to maintain your preferred temperature inside.

So how do you control your budget while still keeping a comfortable indoor environment? The answer starts with how you set […]

1502, 2017

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your AC

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Air Conditioning units aren’t cheap. That’s why we go to such great lengths to take care of them. Air conditioning maintenance and proper AC repair will do wonders for the lifespan of your system, but nothing lasts forever. So how do you know when it’s time to replace your unit?

There are a few signs you […]

1501, 2017

How to Check Your Heater This Winter

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Chilly weather has found its way to Florida recently. We are starting to look like our snowbirds as we step outside wearing scarves, jackets, and layers of clothes in order to combat the sudden drop in temperature! Many of us have been tempted to turn on the heat as we try to keep warm during […]

1512, 2016

Why Does My Air Conditioning Smell Bad?

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Are you getting a whiff of something foul in the air? It can be alarming if you follow your nose only to realize the scent is coming from your air conditioning or HVAC system. If this is happening to you, don’t ignore it! While some odors are nothing to worry about, others can be quite […]

1511, 2016

Why DIY Air Conditioning Repair is a Bad Idea

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Having AC problems? Perhaps you have seen online articles walking you though the different steps to repair AC issues. You may think the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach seems like a cost effective solution, but FL Green Team, like most quality air conditioning professionals, advises against it. We have several good reasons why DIY air conditioning repair […]

1510, 2016

Improving Indoor Air Quality Helps You Breathe Easier

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We often consider home to be a safe place, but is the air you’re breathing inside actually healthy? Your indoor air quality matters. Just because it’s “inside” doesn’t mean it’s pure. In fact, it could be up to five times worse than the quality of air outside of your home!

Allergens, mold, lead, formaldehyde, radon, chemicals […]