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Swimming pool heat pumps are the most popular method used for pool heating in Florida. A swimming pool heat pump will deliver the same amount of heat as a gas heater for 1/5th the cost. Florida’s climate is perfect for using heat pump to heat a pool due to our relatively mild winter temperatures and the fact that we have high humidity.

We specialize in high efficiency Aquatherm swimming pool heat pumps. We have over 9,000 Aquatherm heat pumps installed in southwest Florida. Aquatherm heat pumps are made in the USA , located in Ft. Myers, Florida. Calorex was the pioneer in manufacturing pool heaters using heat pump technology.

We have a “pool heating audit” that will show you the cost to heat your pool with a heat pump under varying conditions like pool temperatures and whether you are willing and able to use a pool blanket. You can learn more about Aquatherm heat pumps here.

How A Heat Pump Works

How a Heat Pump Works - Pool Heat PumpsThe Aquatherm heat pump utilizes proven refrigerant technology to capture the heat in the outside air and transfer it to the pool water. Refrigerant is used because of its ability to absorb and transfer heat energy. The fan circulates air through the evaporator coil that acts as a heat collector. The liquid refrigerant in the air coil absorbs the available heat in the ambient air, transforming it into a gas.

The refrigerant gas is then pumped into the compressor. When this warmed gas is compressed, it intensifies or concentrates the heat, like a magnifying glass in the sun. The intensely hot gas is then pumped into the heat exchanger condenser, where the actual heat transfer takes place. As the pool water passes through the heat exchanger, the hot gas gives up its heat to the cooler pool water.
The refrigerant returns to a liquid state and is pumped through the expansion valve then into the evaporator air coil to start the process all over again. The result: a warm pool!

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