Pool Automation Systems

Wireless - Pool Automation


Many SWIMMING POOLS in Southwest Florida have spas attached that spill water over into the pool under normal filtration but can be isolated in order to heat the spa to a higher temperature (100-104 degrees Fahrenheit) than the pool. If you have manual valves that you must turn in order to heat the spa separately it can be confusing and frustrating resulting in limited usage.

The FL GREEN TEAM specializes in POOL AUTOMATION SYSTEMS that control all the functions of your pool with the touch of a finger on a hand held remote control or a wall mounted control. We even have systems that can be controlled with your smart phone. Installing a pool automation system takes the hassle out of heating up your spa and makes it warm and inviting like it is supposed to be. Handheld wireless control for pool automation system.

In addition POOL AUTOMATION will enable to turn your heater on and off, adjust the temperature of your pool and spa, turn on auxillary equipment like a spa blower, pool lighting and salt water chlorine generation systems.

Saltwater chlorine generators have become the product of choice for swimming pool sanitation over conventional liquid or chlorine tablets.

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